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//rotation 1.0

Happy New Year, y'all.
Here's your first 8-song rotation, in honor of 2008. (I could do 2008 songs, but

1// winter sleep by OLIVIA inspi'REIRA (TRAPNEST) from NANA BEST and OLIVIA inspi'REIRA (TRAPNEST) //sharebee

*sob* This song is so pretty. ;~; So sad, too. Easily my favorite of the OLIVIA songs for Reira.

2// winter fall by Tamaki Nami from Winter Ballades //sharebee

This song is pretty. Most of Nami's work is fast-paced Rock/Dance music (you might know her songs "Believe" and "Realize" from Gundam SEED), but she pulls off her recent single of ballads really well.

3// Frozen by Within Temptation from The Heart of Everything //sharebee

Oh, man. Within Temptation. This one really shows the strength of Sharon's voice, rather than how high she can go. I really love it. (Actually, I love the entire CD.)

4// Snow Smile by BUMP OF CHICKEN from Yggdrasil //sharebee

One of their slower singles, but it's BUMP OF CHICKEN and I love Motoo Fujiwara's vocals. x3 Pretty.

5// Snow Scene by AnCafe from Magnya Carta //sharebee

It's AnCafe! Cute, cute oshare kei! Fast and fun!

6// ever snow by TERRA from REVOLUTION //sharebee

TERRA. DDR and Beatmania. Fast with spiffy little pretty tones. Not my favorite by them, but all of their music is awesome.

7// Snowball by Jimmy Fallon //sharebee

SNOWBALL, SNOWBALL, SNOWBALL FIGHT!! Very fun, very catchy, you'll definitely being singing/chanting along.

8// Last Christmas by Twelve Girls Band from Twelve Girls of Christmas //sharebee

Twelve Girls Band. The original song is by Wham!, but this is the Twelve Girls Band take on it. Instrumental, but gorgeous as all of their work is. For those of you who don't know, they're a group from China composed of thirteen women (but appear as twelve in concert) who take songs and arrange them to play on traditional Asian instruments. (Try imagining "Amazing Grace" played with a pan flute and koto. Wow.) This is probably the most recommended song I'm posting.

And a Zackie bonus track!!! This song is number 2008 in my library.

BONUS// Something feel like heaven by Iceman from POWER SCALE //sharebee
Catchy and fun, a great way to start a new year.

Maybe one day when I feel less crappy, I'll edit this with wiki entries and support links. x.@ It's enough of a hassle fighting with my connection to upload. >>
Remember to comment and enjoy!
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